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Choosing The Right Shrink Wrap Company

Shrink Wrap Of Alaska is a mobile shrink wrapping service, capable of traveling anywhere in the Anchorage bowl and the greater Matsu Valley areas including Wasilla, Big Lake, Palmer and Willow.

Shrink Wrap Of Alaska can shrink wrap RVs, boats, planes, cars and trucks. We are undoubtedly the area’s most experienced and trusted shrink wrapping company in the Anchorage area.

Marine & Boat

Shrink wrapping boats is important for protection over the winter months – especially in Alaska. A boat that is properly shrink-wrapped will stay clean and dry and last significantly longer than a boat that has no covering or a flimsy tarp covering.

You can be sure that your boat or marine vessel will be more than adequately protected for winter storage. We install support systems that can withstand heavy loads of leaves, snow and ice. Our systems are designed to allow water to run off and away from the boat.

We use the right kind of material for your boat with the necessary UV protection or ventilation needed to protect your investment. Our shrink wrap is brought all the way down the sides of the boat to cover as much surface area as possible.


Shrink Wrap Of Alaska would love to help you protect your toys when they’re out of season and not being used! You name it, we can protect it! RV’s, Jet ski’s, snow mobiles, dune buggies and dirt bikes! Shrink wrapping will protect the value of your property whether you are storing it or transporting it.


Shrink wrapping automobiles is a specialty of Shrink Wrap Of Alaska. We are called upon from many different industries to protect their investments or company vehicles during transport. The harsh weather conditions that transport or shipping loads come in contact with can severely damage items or even destroy others. If you are planning to store your classic car or vintage pickup, consider getting it shrink wrapped from us to protect from wind, rain, snow, and UV rays from the sun.


Shrink Wrap Of Alaska has completed many shrink wrap jobs to protect and secure assets and equipment to travel across the world. Transport vehicles such as boats, semi trucks, train, or airplanes use tarps, containers, and wood crating that leaves the valuable assets that are being transported unprotected. The harsh weather conditions that each country and state hold, leaves your asset at risk while being transported. Rocks, debris, sea salt, ice, and snow from the means of the route taken can also damage your asset.

Freight companies and Trucking companies are known for using tarps and containers to protect items. Listed below are the benefits of using shrink wrap rather than tarps for transportations and freight.

Protecting your asset while being transported using our protective shrink wrap can save you not only time repairing damage, but SAVE YOU MONEY as well. Damaging product from bungee cords, chains, and unnecessary strapping to hold down the tarps can damage your asset. With a result of this a company will face down time and unnecessary repairs. Having our company shrink wrap your asset before being transported or shipped can SAVE YOU MONEY!!

Shrink Wrap Of Alaska prides itself on protecting your asset from the elements of Mother Nature. We use the most durable, longest lasting, and premium shrink wrap and equipment available in our industry. Let our professionals use our proper material and equipment to secure your product for a damage free transportation of your assets!!


Marine grade shrink wrap film is also ideal for shrink wrapping aircraft including jets, helicopters and float planes. You name it, it can be done.

Why shrink-wrap an aircraft? Perhaps you’re in the process of selling your aircraft and you want to deliver it by means other than flying and want it to arrive in tip-top condition.

Shrink wrapping your aircraft can also protect equipment and electronics from environmental pollutants as well as keeping prying eyes at bay.