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Our shrink wrapping will form a skin tight shroud to weatherize boats for storage and transport thereby saving dollars associated with the labor of double handling and the risk of weather damage to products. Winter can be a stressful time for the outside of your boat due to wind, moisture and more. This added layer of boat protection will keep moisture, weather, dust, debris and even bugs and animals away from your boat.

Shrink wrap is shrunk tight around the object so there is no fluttering by the wind to deteriorate the plastic. Visqueen is applied using tape to hold the pieces together. Unlike visqueen, shrink wrap does not become brittle, break down and tear when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Shrink wrap remains pliable under extreme temperatures and the life of shrink wrap is one to two years depending on the application and the shrink film’s formula. It is not uncommon to have visqueen fail within a day or two after application.

Anything!!!! Airplanes, boats, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, the list is endless. Shrink wrap can be heat welded together to make a single piece of plastic as big as may be necessary for the job.

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