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Mobile Shrink Wrap Company, Alaska

Mobile Shrink Wrapping

Not all shrink wrapping companies are the same. Shrink Wrap Of Alaska completes shrink wrapping service for a wide range of businesses and industries. Including boat shrink wrapping, RV shrink wrapping and vehicle shrink wrapping.

Best of all – we come to you! Our mobile shrink wrapping services can travel throughout the Anchorage area, including Wasilla, Palmer, Big Lake and Willow.

Why Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap offers weather tight, durable, custom fitted, economical, quick, and 100% recyclable protection for high cost items that are being transported or stored for long or short periods of time.

Shrink wrap can also provide a Class 1 containment for remediation and demolition purposes and can also provide a more weather tight containment for construction sites than alternative methods.

U.S. Veteran Business

Call John for your Mobile Shrink Wrapping needs, we have clearance to complete federal jobs!

Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Shrink Wrap

When protection is required for a large or awkward objects such as machinery, plant, buildings or boats, companies have traditionally used tarps to meet this need. However, in recent years many companies have been turning to a new way of packaging large objects for storage and transportation and shrink wrapping their products using a heavy duty ‘industrial grade’ shrink wrap.
Whilst boat builders and modular building manufacturers were among the first to take advantage of industrial shrink wrap, increasing numbers of manufacturers are now looking at shrink wrap as an alternative way to ensure their products reach the customer in the same condition they left the factory. Today’s post looks at why such a change has been occurring by examining tarps and shrink wrap in more detail.
First we will look at the various types of tarps available and typical uses before looking at shrink wrap. We will look at issues such as the performance of each product in different scenarios, how easy the products are to fit and of course how the cost of each compares.